Shooting yourself can be good for business!

Video is big and getting bigger – and it’s not all skateboarding squirrels or cats that bear a striking resemblance to historical dictators. Increasingly the medium is being used as a powerful marketing tool by businesses to help build brands. On a website, video content adds a further dimension to the brand experience, enabling visitors to get closer to products and people, helping to develop the trust and confidence that precedes a purchase decision. 

Why you need video on your website

If you’re not already using video as part of your online marketing strategy, you should certainly be giving it some serious consideration. Here are a few reasons why you need video on your website:

  • To make your site dynamic

    Using video will instantly enhance your website, transforming a static visitor experience into something far more dynamic.

  • To improve search engine optimisation

    Because the search engines love websites with video content, they give them a higher ranking, increasing the likely-hood they will be found. Videos should be titled and tagged using keywords to help optimisation.

  • To increase time spent on site

    Research has shown that having video content can encourage visitors to spend up to twice as long as they would on a website with no video. When a visitor lands on your homepage, you have just a few seconds to encourage them to stay – an engaging video will help with this process.

  • To put a face to your business

    It’s often said that ‘people buy people’, and video is a great way to show web visitors that your business has a face. You can show the human side of your organisation with a short welcome video on your home page, video profiles of key staff, or even video testimonials from happy customers. 

  • To influence purchase decision

    According to research by Internet Retailer, visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. 

  • To encourage return visits

    By ensuring you upload interesting, quality video to your site regularly, you can encourage visitors to return to your site many times.

How can you use video?

The way you use video will depend on the nature of your business, but here are just a few ways it can be employed:

  • To demonstrate:

    Video can bring a product or service to life by showing it actually being used. You can use video to educate customers about how to use or install your product correctly. For many people looking to learn how to perform a task, their first action will be to look for an online video that shows them how.

  • To share knowledge and experience:

    Positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field is a great way to get people to engage with you, and video is the perfect platform through which to share your knowledge and experience.

  • To promote a special event:

    Video can be used to advertise and support virtually any activity from the launch of a new product to a discount sale.

Many people have a preconception that video is expensive. It can be of course, and if you are going to use a professional production company, it will pay you to shop around as there are wide differentials in pricing. Many company’s offer fixed price packages, and when you factor in the multiple uses you will get from a single video (including distributing it via social media channels), it can be very cost-effective

Is it time you made video part of your brand-building strategy? Studio 18 can help you with planning and creative direction – we can even assist you with production through one of our carefully selected video partners. Give us a call to discuss your requirements now!

  • We’ve recently designed and built a new website for our client, Thames Distribution that includes video on their homepage – check it out