Why Do So Many Businesses Choose Studio 18? Because We’re Worth It!

If you need to stock up on groceries, the process is pretty straightforward: you know what you need, you know how much money you have, you choose the supermarket that best suits your budget, and everything is conveniently priced up for you.

It can be trickier when you come to brief out your new website, a brochure, or a brand refresh. If you’re commissioning design, you’ll expect it to be unique, bespoke – not something that rolls off a production line like baked beans or biscuits, so if you shop around, you’re likely to find wide variations in what you’re quoted.

At Studio 18, we’re not squeamish about bringing up the subject of money early on in discussions with new clients. We don’t think money should be a dirty subject – it’s certainly important to us, and we know it’s important to our clients too – if expectations on pricing are vastly different, it’s in the interest of everyone to find out sooner rather than later.

For us, it’s crucial that the relationships we have with all our clients are open, honest and completely transparent – and this includes pricing.

We know that our clients’ have a choice; there’s certainly no shortage of designers out there, spanning the full gamut of creativity, service and price. But we have a choice too, and for our part, we prefer to work with clients who understand the value of design, appreciate what it can add to a brand, and don’t just see it as a commodity to be bought for as little as possible.

How We Price Our Work

Back to our baked beans analogy for a moment, the fact is that we’re not selling products that look identical, or follow exactly the same production process every time. Pricing creativity is a bit more difficult – we’re not following a recipe – much of our time will be spent coming up with a concept, and this is a dynamic process which, by its nature is different every time.

Like any business, we factor our overheads, our time, and our profit margin (we love what we do but we need to eat too!) into our pricing. Of these, time is the most difficult component to estimate, but after all these years we’ve got pretty good at it. Crucially, we need to make sure our pricing allows us enough time to give every project the level of attention and creativity it requires.

Of course, our pricing also reflects our talent and experience – Studio 18 will be 6 years old in February 2017, and Jon freelanced for 3 years before that, meaning we bring nearly a decade of design experience to each project we undertake.

So How Much Does Great Design Cost?

Design is not an ‘off the shelf’ service, and we’ll always take time to price up every project individually, but to give you an idea of where we sit on the pricing spectrum, below are starting prices and payment terms for two of the most common project sectors we work on:

  1. Brand Identity 

  • What you get:
    • Brand identity.
    • Brand identity applied to stationery.
    • Full brand identity guidelines.
  • The process:
    • Design consultation to go through the brief in detail so we can capture the persona of the business.
    • Initial design concepts sent to client for feedback.
    • Design process continues until client is 100% happy & project is signed-off.
  • What it costs:
    • Prices start from £1k plus VAT.
  • Payment terms:
    • Usually 50% on agreement to proceed, balance on completion.
  1. Websites

  • What you get:
    • Bespoke, responsive website design with CMS built in WordPress or Umbraco.
  • The process:
    • Full design consultation to go through the brief in detail & capture all the information we need, including functionality expectations.
    • Sitemap agreed.
    • Initial design concepts sent to client for feedback.
    • Design process continues until client is 100% happy & project is signed-off.
    • Upload to test server & add content.
    • Go live.
    • Provide ongoing support.
  • What it costs:
    • Website design from £3k plus VAT.
  • Payment terms:
    • 30% on agreement to proceed, 30% on design sign-off, 30% on upload to test server, final 10% when website goes live.


Are You Ready To Invest In Great Design?

If you appreciate the difference that great design can make to your sales and marketing materials, and if you see the cost of creativity as an investment, rather than just another overhead, we’d love the opportunity to discuss your next design brief with you.

Call us now for a chat, and give us the chance to prove that we’re worth it!